From what material are your Leather Stamps made?

Our Stamps are made from Magnesium and are similar in hardness to Aluminum. Magnesium can be heated, but is also flammable so please don't expose to open flame.


How long before I receive my Leather Stamp Proof?

We try to send back all Proofs within 24 hours of receiving them. We are only open Monday - Friday.


How long does it take to get a Leather Stamp made?

After you approve a proof, your stamp will usually ship within a week. In our process of chemical etching,  we need this much time to make sure your stamp is o for leather stamping. Most orders ship sooner than a week, we don't do rush orders on Leather Stamps.


How much do your Leather Stamps cost?

Our standard sized stamps are $40 plus any Backer/Grip Options you wish to add. Shipping is $10. Larger stamps will be quoted on your proof that is sent for your approval.


Will you ship my stamp Next Day Air?

We only ship USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box.


Can your Leather Stamps be heated?

Our Stamps are made from Magnesium and are flammable so do not expose them to open flame. Our Magnesium Stamps are heated on a platen and used in the printing industry for hot stamping foil in the printing process.


How many impressions can I get from your Leather Stamps?

This is one of those questions you can't give an exact number to answer. Our Stamps are made from Magnesium and are similar in hardness to Aluminum. If you are using a press to imprint our stamps with and that press has bearers to keep from smashing the stamp, you should be able to get hundreds if not thousands of impressions from our stamps. Using a mallet, backer & handle or grip on a flat, heavy steel or stone surface should yield the same results, if care is taken to ensure the stamp is flat before striking.


A little more info!

Our stamps work best on unfinished veg tanned leather that is wet. Vegetable tan leather is produced and able to accept a stamp because the way it takes water allows the fibers to be flattened and manipulated.  There are no other types of leathers that can make the claim.  Now that doesn't mean that some upholstery leathers or "chrome tan" leathers can't take an impression from a stamp, but it probably won't be as clear and can rub out over time.  Over impressing, can cause the surface of the leather to tear leaving a jagged impression. If you are planning on stamping finished leather products please do a little research on the internet. One process I have seen involves heating the stamp with a hair drier (no open flame for our stamps, they are magnesium and flammable) and leaving the stamp under pressure for several minutes.



Phillips Engraving was founded by Mark Phillips. In 1945 he purchased Lotus Engraving and Photographic in Atchison, Kansas, which he renamed Phillips Engraving and moved to Springfield, Missouri in April of 1947.


Some of the early customers were Sweetheart Cup Company, Gospel Publishing House and Rock Tenn Company along with many of the local printing companies that are still customers today.


J.C. Porterfield began working for Phillips in 1959 bringing with him four years of experience as a photoengraver from Box Engraving in Paducah, Kentucky. In 1981, after 22 years of service, J.C. purchased the business from the retiring Phillips. In 1981, his son, David Porterfield, joined the Phillips team and became President in 1995 when his father went into semi-retirement. In 2001 he purchased the business from Angie Porterfield after the passing of J.C. Porterfield.


We are proud of our heritage and the tradition of customer service that has been and will continue to be Phillips Engraving.


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